What We Do

ASL Services in Florida

Sign language interpreters

Conferences & Business

ASL interpreting is necessary for meetings, training, job evaluations, and communication concerning work. AIDeaf will also work with business conferences to help organize events and logistics including room setup.

Courtroom & Legal

Courtroom and Legal interpreting includes more than just the courtroom. It encompasses a wide range of settings such as conferences, investigations, depositions, witness interviews, and other legal settings.

Education & School Systems

AIDeaf interpreters facilitate communication between deaf students and teachers, academic service providers and peers within the educational environment.

Emergency & Crisis Communication

AIDeaf provides interpreting services for moments of crisis. ASL interpreting is critical communication during natural disasters and other emergency broadcasts to get information out to the public.

Healthcare & Medical Interpreting

It is essential to provide safe and effective medical treatment. AIDeaf has the experience and knowledge to provide the effective communication needed between consumers and health care providers.

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)

Associated Interpreters provides video remote interpreting on an as needed basis. In a typical VRI situation, the two parties are located together at one location with a videophone or webcam and computer screen.