Associated Interpreters for The Deaf is a Sign Language Interpreting Agency in SW Florida

It is our goal to bridge the communication gap between the hearing and Deaf communities of Southwest Florida by providing qualified ASL interpreters.

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Work with certified sign language interpreters in your business, classroom, medical office, courtroom, or government organization.

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We have a team of qualified and nationally certified sign language interpreters to meet your specific ASL interpreting needs.

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ASL Interpreting for Business & Conferences

Conferences & Business

Sign language interpreting is often necessary for meetings, training, job evaluations, and communication concerning work. This enables Deaf and Hard of Hearing employees to have full access to the same information as their hearing colleagues.

AIDeaf is pleased to partner with businesses hosting conferences and events. We can provide expert consultation on event organization, logistics, and room setup. We look forward to working together to make your event a success!

Courtroom & Legal

Legal and courtroom interpreting is a complex and demanding field. ASL legal interpreters are required to have specialized skills and knowledge that can be used in a wide range of settings. Conferences, investigations by law enforcement, depositions, and witness interviews are all common activities that can occur in the course of a legal case.

AIDeaf’s high level of skill and expertise will ensure that all parties involved in the legal process are able to understand each other.

Courtroom and Legal ASL Interpreting
ASL Interpreter for Students in School

Education & School Systems

ASL interpreters in schools play a critical role in facilitating communication for deaf students. These interactions in the educational environment include teachers, academic service providers, and peers.

AIDeaf works with students from the primary grades through secondary education. They work to ensure that all parties have equal access to education and are able to communicate effectively.

Emergency & Crisis Communication

Crisis ASL interpreting can include urgent broadcasts during natural disasters or other emergencies. It is critical to communicate during these times in order to get vital information out to deaf individuals.

AIDeaf is always prepared to handle emergency situations that may arise. Our qualified ASL interpreters are available to provide crucial information to the public in moments of crisis.

Emergency and Crisis Communication
Medical ASL Interpreter

Healthcare & Medical Interpreting

The ability to communicate with healthcare providers is critical for deaf and hard-of-hearing patients. Poor communication can lead to misunderstandings and even dangerous medical mistakes. Through ASL medical interpreting, we can create a safer healthcare system.

AIDeaf has the experience and knowledge to provide effective communication between consumers and medical providers. By working together to create an accessible environment, we can ensure that the patients’ concerns and needs are addressed.

Video Remote Interpreting

AIDeaf’s sign language interpreters provide quality video remote interpreting on an as-needed basis. In a typical virtual situation, the two parties are located together at one location with either a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

The remote sign language interpreter and deaf participants communicate visually through video transmission. Then the interpreter and hearing participants communicate audibly. This allows for all participants to partake in the conversation.

Video Remote ASL Interpreting

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