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ASL Emergency Interpreters

Emergencies and crisis situations occur each year and can have a significant impact on everyone. Hurricanes, tornados, flash floods, or other natural disasters can strike at any time. It is critical that the public has access to up-to-date news in order to make informed decisions during and after emergencies. For deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals, receiving this information isn’t always easy.

Live television broadcasts deliver vital information to local residents of the affected area. In an emergency situation, the deaf community can be especially vulnerable. ASL Interpreters play a vital role when they are able to bridge the gap in communication for the deaf and hard-of-hearing with emergency ASL services. They work diligently under pressure to ensure the deaf can understand proceedings and access necessary information.

Emergencies arise in the blink of an eye. AIDeaf is ready to provide emergency help with sign language interpreting services in these moments of crisis. We are experienced and well-equipped to handle various emergency situations. Our qualified interpreters are here to help provide vital communication to those who need it.

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